U.S. Beef Knuckle Promoted to Foodservice and Retail End-users in Peru

USMEF partnered with one of Peru’s leading U.S. beef importers on a promotional campaign for an underutilized cut that has strong sales potential in the region. INPELSA, looking to grow its U.S. beef sales, has identified customer accounts that would benefit from marketing U.S. beef knuckle.

USMEF предлагает рульку из американской говядины потребителям в Перу

A Peruvian dish prepared with U.S. beef knuckle was served to a major importer’s clientele at two events in Lima

USMEF participated in two cooking events for 125 of INPELSA’s end-user customers in foodservice and retail at one of Lima’s premier restaurants, Doomo Saltado. Before dinner, attendees learned about U.S. beef production and the quality attributes of U.S. beef, focusing on the flavor and versatility of the knuckle.

“Lomo Saltado,” a Peruvian dish which traditionally uses domestic tenderloin, was made with U.S. beef knuckle and served to each group.

The new dish is now on the restaurant’s menu.

Use of the U.S. beef knuckle in Lomo Saltado was promoted in retail outlets in Lima and in a social media campaign with targeted influencers.

“We are working to encourage buyers and consumers to think of U.S. beef beyond the grill. The knuckle is a versatile and affordable cut with many potential uses in traditional Peruvian dishes,” says USMEF South America Representative Jessica Julca.

Promotional funding was provided by USDA’s Market Access Program.

Source: USMEF