Livestock losses in Mongolia due to mass deaths approached 6 million heads

The death toll from difficult weather conditions of farm animals in Mongolia has reached almost 6 million heads. This was announced by the special state Commission for emergency Situations at a briefing.

В Монголии потери от массового падежа скота приблизились к 6 млн животных

According to the commission's report, "As of March 20, 5,922,957 domestic pasture animals died in our country from difficult winter and spring conditions.
380 households have completely lost their livestock." According to her, about 50% of Mongolia's territory was still covered with snow at the end of March. 

Its thickness reaches 23-28 cm in the western Aimag (region) of the Uvs. Meteorologists have transmitted a storm warning that severe snow and dust storms with wind speeds from 16 to 34 m/s are expected in most of the country on March 26 and 27.

Mongolia is one of the few countries that have preserved nomadic pastoral animal husbandry since ancient times. It is one of the main sectors of the country's economy, along with the extraction and export of minerals.

One in four officially employed Mongolian citizens works in nomadic cattle breeding, which is 95% dependent on natural pastures and weather conditions. One of them, when animals cannot get foot food and die massively from hunger and cold, the Mongols call "itching".

SOURCE: emeat