Exemption from VAT on imports of meat and butter in Uzbekistan proposed to be extended

The Uzbekistan government introduced a bill to parliament to extend the VAT exemption for meat, potatoes, and other food…

Suggestions for meat taxes in Russia stated nonsense

National Meat Association negatively comments on meat taxes

Christmas Meetings of Restaurateurs and U.S. Beef Tasting in Almaty

U.S. Beef tasting and pairing with wines from the USA is held on December 23, 2021.

China meat market worries analysts

China is one of the main factors that worries analysts, with implications for the whole red meat industry.

Russia prepares duty-free quota for Brazilian red meat

200,000 tons of beef and 100,000 tons of pork may enter the country without taxes.

U.S. Pork and Beef Nutrition Highlighted during World Food Day in Peru

USMEF builds on educational programs for affordable, high-nutrient U.S. protein options in the region by featuring ham and beef…

USDA Secretary resisting calls for halt to US imports of Brazilian beef

USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack said it would not be appropriate for the US to halt imports of Brazilian beef even though the country…

Workshop on American beef alternative cuts in Kazakhstan

By supporting of the USMEF a master class on alternative cuts of American beef was held in Kazakhstan's Atyrau on December 7

Rabobank to predict a mixed picture in the global beef market

Next year may present opportunities for beef producers around the world but that does not exclude the risks brought by COVID 19…

Alternative U.S. Beef Cuts Featured at Product Showcase Luncheon in Taipei

USMEF recently gathered beef importers, restaurant operators, retailers and social media influencers at a New Product Show and…