Meat could be an answer to ending world hunger, says UN report

A new study has called on developing countries to increase livestock production to provide essential nutrients. Meat production could be the answer to addressing world hunger and should be “ramped up”, according to a UN report which was unveiled at еhe 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28).

Meat could be an answer to ending world hunger, says UN report

The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organisation’s (FAO) global food systems road map report said production of meat to address widespread hunger should be boosted as plant-based foods cannot fully provide adequate nutrients.

Meanwhile, the second study, "Ways to Reduce CO2 Emissions," presented at an international conference, says that avoiding meat will have only a "negligible" benefit from emissions, and it is estimated that plant-based or low-meat diets will reduce global greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture by only 4%.

The study also revealed livestock emissions are lower than previously reported, standing at 12 per cent of global greenhouse gases, and down from the FAO’s previous estimate of 14.5 per cent.

FAO Deputy Director General Maria Helena Semedo stated: “It clearly demonstrates that ambitious and innovative programs and wide-ranging interventions have the potential to bend the emissions curve while production grows.”

Source: meatinfo