Kazakhstan meat to go to UAE

The meat processing plant in Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan, with a capacity of 5 thousand tons of meat per year and at cost of about 900 million tenge will start working at the end of 2021 on the basis of Syr Marzhany LLP, KazakhZerno.kz reports.

Entrepreneurs from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Kingdom of Bahrain and China became interested in future products. With businessmen from the UAE, the partnership has even signed a memorandum. It is assumed that 50 percent of produced meat products will go for export, 50 percent will be sold on the local market. There will bring 25 job opportunities.

Kazakhstan meat to ship to UAE

"In two months, equipment for the meat processing plant will be delivered to Kyzylorda," said Mnajaddin Uteev, director of the LLP. - It is German-made one and meets all international standards. Now it is mounted in Nur-Sultan, and it is 70 percent completed. They bought it through the Baikonur SEC at 230 million tenge. While we are completing two buildings of the meat processing plant, a tender for electricity has been announced. The water supply and the access road have already been extended, part of these costs has been paid to the partnership as state support. "

The LLP has about 2,000 head of cattle and small cattle, there is its own feedlot. Meat from here comes to the regional stores and centers. According to the director, in order to launch the project at full capacity, about 25 thousand cattle are needed per year. Since they plan to produce meat for steaks here, they will use pedigree cattle. For the production of franks and knackwursts, it will be possible to buy cattle from the local population for further feeding.

Two years ago, the partnership purchased almost 500 head of cattle of the Aberdeen Angus breed in the Czech Republic and Germany. Cattle painlessly underwent adaptation and insemination.

"At our enterprise, meat will be cut into fillets, briskets and packaged in vacuum packages and sent abroad in this form," continues M. Uteev. – So, it is possible to sell meat more expensively, and such practice in the whole world has been for a long time. It is time for our farmers to come nearer to the world standards. We have little experience in this matter. Two years ago, when it was possible to export live livestock, we sent it to near and far-abroad countries. "

Source: QazaqZerno