American Beef E-commerce sale promos in Ukraine and Kazakhstan

U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) is conducting E-commerce sale promos in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The promo in Kazakhstan started on the eve of the holy holiday Ramazan for Kazakhstan citizens, in Ukraine - two weeks before the main Orthodox holiday of Easter. This promo is focused on final consumers and helps aficionados of the U.S. beef to choose right steaks, ribs and roast beef for barbecues, for cooking at home in a circle of relatives and friends, offers various recipes on American beef meals, recommendations from famous chefs and bloggers.

In Ukraine, the promo takes place within the framework of the community of gourmand of the American Red Meat – U.S. Meat Lovers in Ukraine. The online promo will last until the end of May and will allow true gourmands in Ukraine and Kazakhstan to learn more about the variety of steaks and roast beef available in the markets of these countries, about the variety of their tastes, but constant juiciness and tenderness and quality consistency.

Source: USMEF