CHEF Battle - BBQ 2017

USMEF supported as a partner a culinary cup tournament at third annual Chef Battle BBQ 2017 that was held outdoor the shopping and entertainment center “Mega Alma-Ata “ Sunday, October 15, 2017. More than 50 eminent and young chefs from all over the country had locked horns in demonstration of their abilities, proficiency and skills. 

The Kazakhstan Restaurant Critics group, Kazakhstan Chefs Association, and SEC “Mega Alma-Ata” had become the competition organizers. The jury of the competition was represented by the WACS chefs and led by Tomas Googler , professional chef, the winner of 178 awards.

The big battle had two parts –individual competitions and HRI teams with four team members in each: 2 chefs, a pastry chef, and a waiter. In the individual competition 20 chefs cooked the US Beef NY Strip.

This year competition was won by the Rust Grill&Bar team and chef Anton Kornilov. With the best grill in the city, the restaurant chefs had developed an excellent skills in meat cooking.


It's nice to note that Chef Anton Kornilov, Rust Grill & Bar, Almaty, who received the gold medal and the main cup, knows the American meat well and perfectly prepares it in his restaurant."

The American Meat Export Federation (USMEF) provided the American beef of the Prime category for individual performance by 20 chefs.