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If you are interested in becoming a licenced distributor for the American Beef Club please contact your nearest USMEF office in Europe, Russia or the United States. Contact details for these USMEF offices are included on this website. You will then be sent all the relevant information.

If you would like your hotel or restaurant to become a member of the American Beef Club please contact your closest American Beef Club distributor. Please note that to be eligible for membership restaurants and hotels have to continuously serve and identify at least one high quality* US beef item on their menu. Should there not be an American Beef Club distributor in your country please contact USMEF’s UK office directly.

Beef eligible for inclusion in the American Beef Club Scheme must be certified to originate from cattle of less than 30 months of age which have been fed for at least 100 days on a nutritionally balanced, high-energy-feed-content rations containing not less than 70 per cent grain and comprising at least 20 pounds total feed per day. Beef graded USDA “Prime” or “Choice” automatically meets this definition.

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Any hospitality industry, working with the US beef and products from it on a regular basis may get a membership in the American Beef Club. Certificate of membership in ABC confirms the origin and the high quality of US beef in the restaurant menu.