March 16-25, 2017 The U.S. Beef Promo at retail Colibri Gastro Market, Almaty, Kazakhstan

USMEF held the US Beef retail promo March 16 – 25, 2017 at Colibri retail gastro market, Almaty, Kazakhstan. The objective of the promotion was to increase sales of the US beef in the country in general and in the chain outlets in particular through acculturating of the beef consumption in the country (70% of consumed meat is horse items), the US beef share gain and building of consumers’ loyalty to the US beef.

Colibri retail premium gastro market was established in April 2016 with European style and since its opening has been one of the luxury stores in Kazakhstan, competing with Esentai Gourmet. Vast majority of meat department personnel including chef-technologist Andrii Verbytskyi came from Esentai Gourmet and know the US beef well. Colibri is selling food imports never-before-introduced on the Kazakhstan market. The gastro market has extensive fresh products line (meat, dairy, fish, vegetables, fruits, fresh herbs, etc.), its own production, smoking facilities, and culinary departments.

Volumes of meat sales at Gastro market are rather large – about four tons per month - due to direct interaction of the chef-technologist and other sales with final consumers. The same tactical strategy was adopted for the US Beef promo – direct interaction with consumers, demonstration the handling and cooking skills, comparison the US beef palatability and tenderness with domestic beef. The final consumers in Kazakhstan are apprehensive about buying and cooking rather expensive marble beef imports while they doubt the profoundness of knowledge about right cooking high-value products and for fear to spoil dishes.

Additional tasting of the US beef premium and alternative cuts was the Day of the US Beef for the loyal customers of Colibri gastro market at Soho Bar-Concert & Meat. The extra objective of the tasting was identification of other than HQ US beef cuts for further sales at retail.

The gastro market is selling the US Ribeye and NY Strips representing the US beef from three US producers: American Foods Group, Creekstone Farms, and National Beef.