NMA: Russia needs not to reduce livestock production, but to develop one

Executive Director of the National Meat Association (NMA) Sergei Yushin commented on international initiatives to reduce animal husbandry as a source of greenhouse gases and abandon natural meat in favor of alternative sources of protein.

России необходимо не сворачивать, а развивать животноводство

The UN Intergovernmental Council on Human Rights (HRC) invited the Federal Ministry of Health and Rospotrebnadzor to hold "meat-free days" in Russia, having previously developed diets compatible with the campaign to prevent global warming. In addition, they are advised to economically stimulate the production of plant foods, including meat substitutes, and HoReCa establishments that introduce them to the menu.

Sergei Yushin emphasized that he considers himself to be a supporter of rational meat consumption and does not consider agriculture to be the main air pollutant, because the evidence for this hypothesis is questionable. He said that instead of reducing the number of livestock to improve the environmental situation on the planet, it would be wiser to abandon private cars.

According to the expert, many residents of our country, due to the low level of income, still consume insufficient amounts of animal protein. On average, there are 77 kilograms of meat and meat products per capita per year - significantly less than in rich countries. He reminded opponents that in terms of the number of livestock, Russia is four times behind Europe and the United States and 11 times behind Brazil. Accordingly, we need to develop, not curtail animal husbandry and increase the income of the population. Countries where there are really too many farm animals can move and provide us with such an opportunity, Yushin summed up.

Source: meatinfo