The inevitable rise in the price of imported beef in Russia was predicted by an expert

Russia will face a rise in beef prices, but somewhat later than the rest of the world. This was announced on July 14 by the head of a peasant farm in the Samara region, Kirill Ermolenko.

ГRussia will face a rise in beef prices, but somewhat later than the rest of the world

“As for the world prices for meat, we are already seeing an increase in the price of beef and a little later we will see an increase in the price of mutton,” the expert said. - This trend will also come to Russia.The fact is that in the Russian Federation and neighboring countries, the principle of feeding cattle differs from what happens in Europe or South and North America.

To reduce the cost of growing, we use pastures - the so-called pasture, free feed. But in Europe there are simply no such areas, and the price of land is much higher than in Russia or the CIS countries. In Europe or America, it is cheaper to grow crops, process these crops into compound feed and feed cows. But the situation is now developing in such a way that the prices for corn, wheat, barley and, of course, for electricity are growing. And this greatly increases the cost of compound feed. And the more expensive the cattle feed, the more expensive the meat. "

As Yermolenko explained, in the Russian Federation there is no such strong dependence on compound feed and meat produced in the Russian territory turns out to be cheaper.

“And everything would be fine if we ourselves grew the amount of meat we need. However, 40% of the same beef that is sold in the Russian Federation is imported. This means that we will not avoid a rise in prices for meat, although it will overtake us later,” the expert said.

Source: meatinfo