Workshop on American beef at Fontegro 2017 in Kyiv, March 28-29

USMEF will appear to be one of the HRI show Fontegra that take place in Ukrainian capital Kyiv March 28-29, 2017. Invited seminar speaker Khorhe Sevilya is one of the successful European experts who succeeded at retail and at HRI utilizing US beef and veal. Khorhe is aware of slam dunk of US beef cuts’ usage, taste tinctures and tenderness of various cattle breeds, has studied well dry and wet beef aging, knows from a to z about US beef cuts cooking in various world cuisines, and is ready to share his experience with chefs at the USMEF workshop on March 28 and at Fontegro AfterParty on March 29.

This year program was a result of Ukrainian chefs asking to demonstrate openly the derivation of US cuts and muscles. Kaleidoscope of steaks and other meals’ ideas from muscles and cuts of the US beef forequarter will be shown at the workshop. Key points of the workshop will be as follows: most profitable muscles/steaks of fore ?, when the whole cuts are better for usage than the boxed beef, ideas of recipes etc, as well as sampling and tasting of most lovely cuts at the Fontegro AfterParty.