American Beef Festival at Goodman’s Kyiv

American Beef Festival has been being held at Goodman’s Kyiv under the US Meat Export Federation support.

From September 28th to October 11th there is a special Festival menu that was created by Yuri Baturinsky, the brand chef of the steakhouse:

  • Top Blade Steak with broccoli and Blue Cheese sauce. This steak is well-known as Flat Iron one, derived from  the number two tender muscle in the carcass
  • Cullotte Steak with vegetables. Cap of Top Sirloin Butt or Picanha is the icon of any South American churrascaria
  • Butcher’s Steak of Diaphragm (Hanging Tender) with green beans. The most unobtainium  muscle in the animal carcass. Honestly! There are two tenderloins, two ribeyes, and two striploins in the carcass but one Hanging Tender only!

Steakhouse Goodman in Kyiv has been operated since 2009, since 2011 it has  actively utilized the US beef. An intimate acquaintance with meat, great experience in meat cooking and creativity of the Goodman’s team are made the restaurant the most lovely place across Kyiv citizens and the capital guests.