U.S. Beef Takes High Profile at Major Culinary Events in the Middle East

U.S. beef quality and affordable underutilized cuts were promoted to buyers and chefs at workshops, shows and competitions.

Mongolia exported 48 thousand tons of meat and meat products in the first seven months of 2023

Export of meat and meat products from Mongolia is growing

American Beef Eligibility Suspended for Azerbaijan

All U.S. beef and beef products certified on or after May 30, 2023, are now ineligible for export to Azerbaijan

USMEF: 2023– the year of the beef round!

Американская Федерация по экспорту мяса объявила заднюю часть говяжьей туши продуктом 2023 года

Meat production in Russia increased by 8.9%

The production of meat of cattle, pork, lamb, goat, horse meat and venison in May this year in the Russian Federation reached…

Japanese Buyers Visit Wisconsin to Learn about U.S. Dairy Cattle and Beef Quality

USMEF’s Tokyo office led a team of foodservice buyers to Wisconsin last month to examine dairy cattle production and learn about…

$115 Million in Federal Grants will help small meat processors in 17 States

The USDA grants are aimed to increase meat and poultry processing

U.S. Red Meat Ambassadors Assist USMEF Programs in Peru, Chile

USMEF efforts to expand industry outreach and grow the number of U.S. beef and pork cuts available in Peru and Chile continue…

U.S. Red Meat Industry Makes Presence Known at SIAL China

Industry seizes opportunity to differentiate grain-fed U.S. beef and pork as top quality during one of the world’s largest food…

American Beef Steak Festival in four restaurants of Tbilisi, Georgia country

In mid-June, a two-week American beer festival ended in four restaurants in Tbilisi, Georgia country, with support of the Texas…