U.S. Beef Knuckle Promoted to Foodservice and Retail End-users in Peru

USMEF partnered with one of Peru’s leading U.S. beef importers on a promotional campaign for an underutilized cut that has…

Beef has risen in price in Azerbaijan

Beef prices have significantly increased in Azerbaijan.

U.S. Beef on Grill seminar is conducted on August 27, 2023 in Kyrgyzstan

United States Meat Export Federation (USMEF) is holding American Grilled Beef Seminar for HRI market players and retailers of…

American Marble Beef Festival in Ukraine

The American Marble Beef Festival will start soon in Ukraine

Blindfold Tests Demonstrate U.S. Beef’s Quality to Importers in Central America

In recent months, market development efforts have centered on blindfold taste tests in Guatemala, Panama, El Salvador, Honduras…

The Russian Federation proposed to extend for a year the quota for duty-free beef import in 100 thousand tons

The quota for duty-free import of beef to the Russian Federation in 2024, as well as this year, may reach 100 thousand tons

USDA: Global beef production to reach 59.6 million tons

According to the adjusted forecast of the US Department of Agriculture in 2023, global beef production will reach 59.6 million…

U.S. Suppliers Meet with Latin American Buyers at USMEF’s Product Showcase

Red meat buyers from Central and South America and the Caribbean recently met with U.S. suppliers in Cartagena, Colombia, during…

New Retail Opportunities for U.S. Beef in the Philippines

Расширение розничной торговли в формате клубных супермаркетов в Юго-Восточной Азии достигло Филиппин, создав новые возможности…

U.S. Beef Takes High Profile at Major Culinary Events in the Middle East

U.S. beef quality and affordable underutilized cuts were promoted to buyers and chefs at workshops, shows and competitions.