U.S. Pork and Beef Nutrition Showcased at Ironman Event in Colombia

USMEF partnered with Colombian importers to promote U.S. beef and pork nutrition and product availability during an athletic…

Meat Appreciation Mondays in South Africa

USMEF South Africa is making Mondays more fun with "Meat Appreciation Mondays"

Azerbaijan Restores Access for U.S. Beef

Access to U.S. beef and meat products has been restored for Azerbaijan, USDA reports

The USDA revised the forecast of global beef production in 2024

Global beef production for 2024 is revised 1 percent upward from the October forecast to 59.5 million tons

USMEF: November Asia Headwinds Persist for Beef

U.S. beef exports slowed in November, recording the third lowest value of 2023

Butcher Certification Program Broadens U.S. Red Meat Utilization in China

USMEF partnered with a respected culinary center to provide hands-on training and promote underutilized cuts to butchers in…

USMEF Leads Buyers from China to Korea to Study Innovations in Prepared Foods

USMEF has been working to show current U.S. buyers how U.S. beef and pork can be utilized in prepared food products in Korea

Training Programs Build Awareness and Demand for U.S. Red Meat in Indonesia

USMEF conducted training seminars in Jakarta recently for importers, retailers and foodservice operators to expand awareness and…

Universal vegetarianism will not save the climate

According to the FAO report, avoiding meat can only slightly reduce emissions. The best way is to increase the efficiency and…

New Year's greetings from USMEF

Happy New Year 2024