Jay McCarthy workshop on September 11, 2017 at the restaurant Myaso (Meat)

The second, final, meeting of the famous Texas chef Jay McCarthy with Kazakh chefs was held on September 11 in Astana. The event for hospitality industry professionals, organized by the American Meat Export Federation (USMEF), was held at Myaso (Meat) restaurant.

Galina Kochubeyeva, a representative of the USMEF, introduced a popular consultant and presenter to 42 professionals in the hospitality industry. Within the workshop, the possibilities of using alternative American cuts for banquet dishes were demonstrated. Top Blade, Short Plate, Short Ribs, Cullotte, Brisket, Texas style were among them. It's interesting that Jay McCarthy was the first who demonstrated Short Plate and Cullotte in Kazakhstan, doing this twice - in Almaty and Astana


The preparation of Jay McCarthy for such workshops should be mentioned separately. In order for his advice to be most harmonious with the national cuisine, he studies the local tastes, the features of cooking, the use of spices, the tradition of serving dishes, the size of portions. This allows him to successfully enter American cuts into the national cuisine.