Jay McCarthy workshop on September 8, 2017 at the restaurant Villa dei Fiori, Almaty

The long-awaited meeting of the famous Texas chef Jay McCarthy and Kazakh chefs was held on September 8 in Almaty. The event for hospitality industry professionals, organized by the American Meat Export Federation (USMEF), was held at the Villa dei Fiori restaurant.
Galina Kochubeyeva, representative of the USMEF, introduced the guru of Texas cuisine to the participants. Within the workshop the participants got acquainted with such cuts as Top Blade, Short Plate, Short Ribs, Cullotte, Brisket, Texas style.
The possibilities of using alternative American cuts for banquet dishes aroused great interest among Kazakh chefs.
Especially the participants liked Short Plate, Cullotte, Brisket. The first two dishes from this list were demonstrated in Kazakhstan for the first time.

Jay McCarthy always carefully prepares for such master classes. He studies national cuisine, features, the use of spices, the tradition of serving dishes, the size of portions, to give advice on the use of a cut in national dishes.
Interest of the famous chief also applies to the types of trees that are used for grilling and smoking. The most common tree in Kazakhstan for grilling is saxaul, its wood is well kept fire for meat.
Within the workshop, the sommelier of the restaurant, Villa dei Fiori, talked about California wines.