Festival of street food, Kiev, November 4-5, 2017

Anomalously warm November in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv afforded an auspicious opportunity for the USMEF to take part in the final in 2017 monthly festival of Street Food “Ulichnaya Eda” that was conducted at Art-Platform venue on the weekend November 4-5.

Partly due to the last event in his kind in 2017 and close of the season, partly due to the great performances and taste food, the November UE gathered a lot of food-lovers and gastrophilists from Kyiv, Kyiv region and the city guests.

That’s interesting that about 50% of the festival attendees were asking for the well-done readiness and attempted to find out the marinade recipe or other tenderizing methods.

The USMEF using the Platform for final consumers promoted the US Beef, emphasizing the US Beef features and palatability, and difference between the US and domestic beef products. The two-day festival was mainly attended by high-income people and introduced to them one of the world gastronomic marvels – the American Marble Beef.