Russia shipped the first batch of beef to China

В Китай было отравлено 8 контейнеров с мясом.

Barbecue Challenge, Seminar Promote Benefits of U.S. Red Meat in Guatemala

USMEF organized a barbecue challenge and conducted a U.S. pork and beef seminar for staff at a popular meat-themed restaurant.

What do meat industry experts think about the need to package their products because of the coronavirus pandemic

Meat industry experts support the use of packaging for meat products in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

Russians are not ready to eat test-tube grown meat

The NAFI Analytical Center conducted a study and found that most Russians are not ready to eat artificial meat. About this…

Russian Ministry of Agriculture proposes to zero duties on import of agricultural products and products to Russia

The Ministry of Agriculture proposes to zero duties on the import of agricultural products, raw materials and food to Russia.…

FSIS updated the Export Library for China

On March 21 FSIS updated the Export Library for China to reflect market access changes negotiated in the U.S.-China “Phase One”…

Azerbaijan's meat imports down 14%

Azerbaijan imported 7,886 tons of meat worth over $14.1 million from January through February 2020

Keep out colds: the Ministry of Industry and Trade gave restaurants prescriptions for the prevention of coronavirus

Moscow restaurant holdings received a letter from the city government (available to the editors of FoodService) that contains…

American marbled beef promo at Gastronome grocery store, Tbilisi

USMEF jointly with the Texas Beef Council and Premium Foods Group Georgia, the high quality food importer for HRI and retail, is…

Is it possible to catch coronavirus by eating?

There is currently no evidence that COVID-19 coronavirus is transmitted through food, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)…