Ukrainian Beef exports valued at $52 million

The Government of the Russian Federation does not intend to extend the VAT preference on pedigree cattle

Возврат с 1 января 2021 г. уплаты НДС при продаже и начислении НДС при импорте племенного скота даст бюджету РФ дополнительные…

There is a sharp increase in meat prices in Kyrgyzstan. Authorities are considering imposing restrictions on meat exports

Over two weeks in Dzhalal Abad beef prices increased by 40 soms to 420 soms per kg.

Weber American grill showroom opened in Kiev

A Company of American grills Weber will be opening its large showroom in Kyiv, Ukraine with the U.S. pork and beef grilling.

In Kazakhstan the "meat project" of Uzbekistan was cited as an example

Эксперты отмечают значительный рост отрасли за счет кредитов и льгот государства.

Investors changed their decision to invest $ 30 million in a meat processing plant in Kazakhstan

Foreign investors represented by the Canadian company Sure Good Foods and the Latvian holding Bridge have expressed their…

Opening of the Texas-style American Beef Festival at Tashkent's Gosht restaurant - photo report

The brand-chef of the Tashkent restaurant Gosht, Muzaffar Mirzakarimov, will present the American Beef Festival, a traditional…

The country's Foreign Ministry took up the export of Mongolian meat

Texas Beef Festival at Veranda on the river, Ukraine

Почти четырехнедельный Фестиваль американской говядины в Техасском стиле проходит в сентябре в ресторанном комплексе «Веранда на…

Texas Style American Beef Festival Coming Soon in Tashkent

Presentation and tasting of a special menu of the Texas Beef Festival at Gosht (Meat) restaurant will be conducted on September…