Beef plant to be built in Kostanay region of Kazakhstan

The new enterprise will annually produce 15-20 thousand tons of meat.

Cattle producers concerned about effects from Tyson fire

A large fire occurred Friday at the Tyson Foods beef plant in Holcomb, Kansas, forcing the evacuation of all workers and closure…

The ban on meat export from Mongolia to China is lifted

A meeting of the working groups of the Mongolian-Chinese intergovernmental commission on trade, economic, scientific and…

US beef sector fights back against meat alternatives

The US beef industry has vowed to “redouble efforts” against what it feels is deceptive and erroneous marketing and nutritional…

Trump: US will sell more 'great American beef' to EU

The beef sales to the EU will increase by 46% in the first year, and go up by 90% over the next seven years.

EEC has established tariff quotas for certain types of agricultural goods imported into the EAEU for the year 2020

On July 31, the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) Board considered issues in the spheres of customs and tariff regulation,…

Belarus: Cutlets for burgers will do in Logoysk

В Минской области будет построен завод по производству замороженных полуфабрикатов для бургеров и чизбургеров.

Uzbekistan may begin meat imports from Mongolia

Uzbekistan may begin meat imports from Mongolia. This is prescribed by project of the decree of the Uzbekistan President.

Processing Seminar Hosts Teams from Mexico, Central America and South Korea

Representatives of meat processing companies from Mexico, Central America and South Korea recently gathered in Lincoln, Nebraska…

Azerbaijan fights illegal livestock slaughter

The Food Safety Agency of Azerbaijan has conducted control measures in some region to prevent illegal slaughter of livestock